The Alabama Student Anglers Bass Fishing Association, or ASABFA, hosted its annual State Tournament Classic on Lake Jordan Friday. An abundance of Elmore County area schools were represented by fishing teams.

Alongside Tallassee, who had the best boat in both the high school and junior high divisions, Elmore County, Holtville and Wetumpka all brought teams to compete. 

One junior high boat also represented Stanhope Elmore with anglers Jobe Floyd and Jack Nash.

“I think they performed really well,” Wetumpka fishing coach Frank Hysmith said. “We’ve got a lot of young kids, lot of seniors. We’re gonna have a two-year gap before we have any more leave, so maybe we can really beef the team up.”

Elmore County had the top high school boat from the county that wasn’t Tallassee’s.

The top 15 high school boats each took home a plaque, and Blake Sanders and Reece Baker landed 10th for the tournament with a 7.54-pound string of fish. 

The Panthers’ next-best high school boat brought in the duo of Matthew Bennett and Branson Robertson with a weight of 3.85 pounds.

A Wetumpka boat also took home some hardware in the high school division, with Jackson Pate and Koby Barnhill landing in 15th at the high school division with a 6.93-pound string. Jacob Callen and Parker McKee weighed in at 6.09 pounds to finish 29th.

Shallow patches and crank baits were the name of the game for the Indians, a sentiment echoed by several coaches at the event Friday. Hysmith added that the team used jerk baits and shaky heads at various times as well.

“We fished all the flats and shallows, the brush piles,” Frank Hysmith said. “Fished mostly top water all day.”

Kade Sides and Mac Norton came within a few ounces of placing top 15 for Holtville in boat 81, posting a total of 6.66 pounds. Cade Law and Daniel Sommers weren’t far behind at 6.23.