Turtle story

(Submitted) The Turtle Story: the Son of Buster meets the Sea Turtle revolves around two main characters, the Grandfather Bog Turtle and his grandson, the Son of Buster.

Author James Brown reports his best sales of “The Nursing Home Book” come from the Apothecary Pharmacy in Tallassee. Now the fictional author has released a new work titled,

“The Turtle Story: the Son of Buster meets the Sea Turtle.”

The book revolves around two main characters, the Grandfather Bog Turtle and his grandson, the Son of Buster, have left their home in Chilton County to investigate the health of the Gulf waters 10-years after the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

According to Brown, the inspiration for this book was often right in front of him.

"For years I have picked up turtles as they attempt to cross the road,” Brown said. “Often, these attempts are after the turtle has been run over. Once years ago, more than 10, I was driving home from Prattville heading west on Highway 14 when I saw this turtle boldly crossing the road sticking his head out in near defiance of 3,000-pound automobiles. Having passed him by I quickly turned around hurrying back to his location. When I picked this little scrapper up, he fit in the palm of my hand. I am not sure of the species, but this turtle was so small he defied understanding ... this and similar events compounded brought forth ‘The Turtle Story.’”

According to Brown, the book's content came naturally to him and time seemed to flow rapidly during the writing process. Some of the contents were things Brown has been thinking of for many years but was something he wanted to complete before a symbolic date passed.

"The actual rough drafts of all these were not time-consuming, but the first edits and then the remainder, and let's not forget once we start considering where copy goes on the page and enhancing the images,” Brown said. “The first part was written more than a decade ago and has been marinating for most of that time. Numerous re-writes brought along this seventh portion.

“And of course, the anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon explosion prompted me to push this effort out. There were numerous re-writes to bring the narrative of this story in line with where we are today in regard to the health of the Gulf and those low-lying habitats which continue to be in the news even today. Every step of this effort seems to have run up against, encountered resistance. But now we have the material."

Illustrations were provided by Laura Walker from Cullman.

In his own words, Brown said the book is for everyone.

"In a sentence, I would call it tree-hugging hippie meets Jesus, but that might take some explaining to our readers," he said. "This book meets children 8 to 12 years old and those younger children at their paradigm. This material is really written for adults to read. We deal with the reality of this and the habitats we live within and the consequences of our actions: whether these be loss of life, or habitat degradation and destruction. And we deal with them in such a way that they are hopefully palatable to most."

To pick up a copy of Brown's latest publication Google “The Turtle Story: The son of Buster meets the Sea Turtle” and a link to purchase will come up.