There is no doubt Tallassee likes barbecue.

To fill the city's taste for the backyard delicacy, the owners of the soon-to-be-open Brothers Bootleg BBQ restaurant recently announced plans for the inaugural Brothers Bootleg BBQ Cook-off set for Oct. 18-19.

"As we continue to get our barbecue restaurant ready, this event will start off our idea for future events we will hold here for the community and surrounding area," event coordinator Charles Batchelor said.

Judging will consist of the following categories: chicken thighs, spare ribs, and sliced Boston Butt. All meats must be prepared on site and will be judged on taste, cut and tenderness and boxed for presentation.

There are some rules for the upcoming cookoff.

"Cleanliness of all team members, cookers and the cooking area is mandatory," Batchelor said.

"Proper handwashing and the use of disposable food-safe gloves shall be used at all times when handling food products, raw or cooked. Gloves should be changed often, especially when working with different products and when handling ready to eat foods after handling raw foods."

All meat must be raw and uncooked at check-in.

“Prior preparation, such as marinating and seasoning before check-in is not permitted,” Batchelor said.

On the day of the cookoff, free samples will be permitted; however, contestants will not be allowed to sell food, drink, souvenirs or other items to the public.

Each cooking team will be required to have a fire extinguisher in full view at all times.

Pre-register to secure your spot by texting ATT Cook Off to 334-319-7230.