The Tallassee City Council recognized the Tallassee Tiger Shark state and district winners during Tuesday's council meeting at city hall.

The Tallassee Tiger Sharks are a recreation swim team.

"We are probably the only Rec team that goes to state," Tiger Shark Head Coach Donna Funderburk said.

Many swim teams have access to indoor swimming pools and can practice all year long, but the Tiger Shark's practice time is limited.

"Most teams swim all year. We only swim 2 months to get where we are at," Funderburk said.

Funderburk is proud of the 2021 swim team and said most of the swimmers shaved time off of their own best records at the state competition.

"I am very proud of them," she said. "Almost everybody took off time."

The youngest Tiger Shark is only 3-years-old.

"We have a lot of kids who start off with me that do not know how to swim, and by the end of the summer they can all swim," Funderburk said.

The Tigers Sharks future was uncertain earlier this summer when leaks in the municipal pool hindered practice. And while the kids brought home the medals, it would not have been possible without support from team parents.

"We appreciate the pool being open. I appreciate all my parents, without them I could not have done it," she said.

A lot of discussion and consideration was given by the council when they decided to go ahead and open the pool for the swim team this season.

"I'd like to thank the Mayor and the council as well," Coach John Mask said.

"I think we are going to have some future college swimmers. Some of them have a dream to go to college and swim. So, from the bottom of their hearts, the parent's hearts, and my heart, thank you. We would not have been able to swim without you making the decision to keep it open."

Coach Mask also showed his appreciation for Coach Funderburk.

"Mrs. Funderburk, she needs to be commended because for as long as she has been at the pool. She takes these kids that can't swim and it's amazing within a few what she does with them. She is amazing and we are very thankful for her," Mask said.

The Tiger Sharks received a standing ovation from the Tallassee City Council and members of the audience.

The Tallassee Tigers Sharks finished the season 14th out of 25 other teams in the region.

Individual results are listed below.

Boys 8U - 25-yard Breast Stroke: Weston Lucas 9th place

Girls 8U - 25-yard Breast Stroke: Abigail Zinn 6th place

Girls 11-12 - 50-yard Breast Stroke: Harmony Moyers 6th place

Boys 13-14 - 50-yard Breast Stroke: Camden Mask 1st place,

Boys 13-14 - 50-yard Breast Stroke: Donavan Aldridge 13th place

Girls 13-14 - 50-yard Breast Stroke: Valerie Johnson 12th place

Boys 15-18 - 50-yard Breast Stroke: Geoffrey Dark 19th place

Boys 15-18 - 50-yard Breast Stroke: Corbin Grover 22nd place

Boys 6&U - 25-yard Freestyle: Zeke Rigsby 8th place

Girls 6&U - 25-yard Freestyle: Ava Ingram 9th place

Boys 9-10 - 50-yard Freestyle: Crockett Moyers 5th place

Boys 15-18 - 50-yard Freestyle: Canyon Moyers 14th place

Boys 13-14 - 100-yard Individual Medley: Camden Mask 6th place

Girls 13-14 - 100-yard Individual Medley: Hope Moyers 16th place

Girls 15-18 - 100-yard Individual Medley: Ivy Davis came 15th,

Girls 15-18 - 100-yard Individual Medley: Cassie Grover 22nd place

Boys 9-10 - 50-yard Butterfly: Crockett Moyers 2nd place

Girls 9-10 - 50-yard Butterfly: Elise Soehren 7th place

Girls 9-10 - 50-yard Butterfly: Emma Soehren 11th place

Boys 13-14 - 50-yard Butterfly: Camden Mask 3rd place

Boys 13-14 - 50-yard Butterfly: Donavan Aldridge 12th place

Girls 13-14 - 50-yard Butterfly: Hope Moyers 9th place,

Girls 13-14 - 50-yard Butterfly: Alta Bentley 21st place

Girls 13-14 - 50-yard Butterfly: Valerie Johnson 25th place

Boys 15-18 - 50-yard Butterfly: Canyon Moyers 15th place

Girls 15 -18 - 50-yard Butterfly: Ivy Davis 11th place

Girls 7-8 - 25-yard Backstroke: Paige Hart 14th place

Girls 9-10 - 50-yard Backstroke: Elise Soehren 20th place

Boys 15-28 - 50-yard Backstroke: Canyon Moyers 18th place

Girls 15-18 - 50-yard Backstroke: Ivy Davis 8th place

Boys 9-10 - 100-yard Freestyle: Crockett Moyers 4th place

Boys 13-14 - 100-yard Freestyle: Aiden Morgan 12th place

Boys 13-14 - 100-yard Freestyle: Ethan Soehren 14th place