Water tanks

(Carmen Rodgers) Sr. Project Manager at CDG Engineers & Associates, Inc. Jeff Harrison read each of the bids to blast and paint the Tallaweeka water tank and remove an old unused water tank next it, as well as a water tank in Riverside Heights on the doorsteps of city hall on Wednesday, May 6.

With city hall closed to the public, city officials read bid submissions to blast and paint the Tallaweka water tank and remove an old unused water tank next to it, as well as a water tank on Riverside Height tank on the doorsteps of city hall.

Jeff Harrison, who is senior project manager at CDG Engineers & Associates Inc., read each of the bids. The lowest bid came in from Tank Pro out of Northport at $363,680. The second-lowest bid came from Robinson and Sons Construction Services Inc. out of Hayleville.

According to Harrison, the structure of the tank is in good shape and most of the needed work is superficial and it's the tank's interior that needs the most TLC.

"It needs to be fully sandblasted and repainted," he said. "The tank is in good condition; this is a coating system to protect it. The coating system on the interior has exceeded its lifecycle."

Once the interior has been sandblasted and painted, the water tank's outer walls will be cleaned and an additional overcoat will be added to them.

"The exterior is in pretty good shape. There is mildew on it but as far as the coating, it's in fairly decent shape,” Harrison said. “We're going to do what's called a brush blast. They will brush it, rough it up and come back with an overcoat on it.”

Funding for this project was earmarked in the 2020 fiscal year budget along with funding for the Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) grant match for the downtown utility replacement project, funding to add a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to the water system, replacing one water filter and underdrain, and funding to remove and replace additional cast iron gas pipelines.