The Tallassee City Council held is second teleconference meeting last Tuesday with little to discuss.

"We had one item on the agenda," Tallassee Mayor Johnny Hammock said. "And what that was, was a piece of property that the city owns over on Hillcrest Street."

The parcel of land was in the way of a larger parcel of land that could soon offer additional housing options for the area.

"Paul Pemberton is wanting to buy 15 acres of land right behind that property that the city owns to build 32 apartments. Some will be two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments," Hammock said.

With no use for the parcel of land, the council voted all in favor to sell the property.

"Basically he wanted to buy that lot to build a road through it, to get to that property,” Hammock said. “The city surplused the property and voted unanimously to sell it to Paul Pemberton.”

Hammock said once the transaction is complete work on the development could begin shortly.

"Now he's going give us a check for $5,000 and have that property, build the road through it and start construction on these apartments, hopefully soon."

The council will hold a third teleconference council meeting on Tuesday, May 12. For more information or to gain access to the meeting call city hall at 334-283-6571.