With several local employers looking to fill positions, the City of Tallassee is hosting its second job fair on Aug. 10 from 5-7 p.m. at the Recreation Center, located at 450 Gilmer Ave. City officials held the first job fair in June where over 30 people attended.

"The goal was to hopefully garner enough interest to do a second," Tallassee Public Information Officer Griffin Pritchard said.

During the first event, coordinators asked participating businesses about a future job fair, and what interest there may be in hosting another one. 

"After talking to the employers that were there, and asking, if we do this again would you be interested in coming back, there was a resounding 'yes'," Pritchard said.

Five businesses have registered for the upcoming job fair, including The Learning Tree, Onnin Staffing, VictoryLand, Hardees in Alex City, and Surge Staffing.  Other area businesses are encouraged to register for this event.

The hours for this job fair were adjusted to give plenty of time to attend.

"We're moving the hours to give people a better opportunity to come out," Pritchard said. "See if we can maybe double the number. Because the jobs are there. Tallassee has been known for its workforce, and we want to do everything we can to help the people who want to get back to work and find a job."

While 30 attendees may not seem like a lot, in today's job market, it is a good turnout.

"You hear the numbers, and it doesn't sound like a lot, but when you start talking to the staffing agencies, you start talking to your foodservice industry, and your nursing home, and places like that, and Neptune, and they tell you we had 10 viable candidates or we've got 15 viable candidates, and they are excited about it," Pritchard said. "If they are excited about it, then we are excited about it."

According to Pritchard, hosting this job fair is beneficial to the city as a whole, and will only help grow future industry.

"We talk about Tallassee being flowing with opportunities and this part of that. It's not just looking at people coming here, it is also about taking care of the people that are here," he said. "We want to foster that relationship between the workforce, the employers and the employees, so that when they choose to relocate in Tallassee, they're confident that there will be people here wanting to take the jobs."

If you or your business would like to register for the upcoming job fair, contact the Tallassee Recreation Center at 334-283-4726.