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(Submitted) Brandi Parks picked Bella up after surgery. Parks and Bella are pictured with Dr. Mitchell at Mitchell Veterinary Hospital LLC in Tallassee.

Brandi Parks, who lives in the Kent community, thought she might have to give up ownership of her beloved pet Chihuahua, Bella after the dog injured its eye and needed surgery that would cost more than $800.

"I let her go outside and she injured her eye somehow," Brandi Parks said. "I'm not exactly sure what happened, but it looked bad and throughout the day it started getting worse."

Parks took Bella to a local veterinarian where she learned that Bella would need to have the eye removed.

Parks who had recently spent the family's emergency pet fund to pay to have her other animals spayed and neutered could not afford the cost of the surgery.

"I was like, oh God, what am I going to do? I had just gotten my animals fixed and I don't have that emergency bounce back now," Parks said.

Desperate to save her four-legged friend, Parks turned to social media for help. It didn't take long before that help arrived.

Through donations from some very thoughtful members of the community, Bella was able to have the surgery.

"Four people donated to her directly," Parks said. "Then I had a group, Kash for K 9s, and over 35 people donated there to come up with the rest of money."

Through Kash for k 9s, $550 was raised to help cover the cost of Bella's surgery.

Dr. Mitchell, who is located in Tallassee, performed the surgery, and she also helped Parks with the cost of treating Bella. 

"She donated the visit to me and the cone," Parks said. "Which I was very thankful for."

While Bella was able to have surgery and return home this week, there was a brief period of time when Parks wasn't sure if the surgery was possible, and she had prepared herself for the worse.

"I was in tears because I was willing to surrender her because I could not afford the medical treatment," Parks said.

Thankfully, Parks did not have to surrender Bella, and, today, the dog is home resting comfortably.

"I am overwhelmed with joy. I was able to keep my dog. I really appreciate them," Parks said. "I'm not really good with words. I appreciate everyone who donates to an animal in need because that's my passion."

Bella has been with Parks for the past 6 months.

"Bella chose us," Parks said.

Parks has 6 pets, including Bella, but she also tries to help other animals that may need a forever home.

"I save animals and I adopt them out," Parks said.

When Parks isn't saving animals, she is a busy wife and mom of four children.