mega prison

(File) This 376 acre parcel of land on Rifle Range Road was slated to be the site for one of the three new state mega-prisons.

The state’s plan to construct three mega-prisons has hit a roadblock. One of the proposed mega-prisons was slated for construction just outside of the Tallassee city limits on Riffle Range Road.

However, CoreCivic, the company that was slated to build two of the prisons and lease the facilities to the State of Alabama, was unable to secure funding for the project.

Tallassee mayor John Hammock said this financial hurdle could equate to time wasted.

“There has been so much time invested on the Tallassee site. If they decide to locate it someplace else, it would really set the project back,” Hammock said.

In February, Regions Bank announced that it would not finance CoreCivic in its latest construction project of the three mega-prisons to be built in Alabama. 

Additional financial industries such as JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, SunTrust, and others, pledged to stop financing the private prison industry in 2019. 

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