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(File) According to the mayor, the Eastside mill property is one step to closer to belonging to the City of Tallassee.

Tallassee Mayor Johnny Hammock announced in the Dec. 20 special council meeting the city was in negotiations with the owner of the east side mill site and the site could soon belong to the municipality if all went as planned.

Now that the deed to the property has been notarized, the next step is to have it recorded.

"We just got the deed to eastside mill," Hammock said. "We have to get that recorded and it will belong to the City of Tallassee."

Once the city owns the property, Hammock said the next step will be writing grant applications for funding that would help cover the cost associated with the huge task of cleanup at the charred site.

"After that, I will start working on submitting the Brownfields grant through (Central Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission)," Hammock said.

With over $4 million in grant funding awarded to the city since taking office in 2016, Hammock saod the city hopes to utilize further grant funds to move forward with the project.

"Hopefully we will be awarded an assessment grant, and after that a cleanup grant," He said.

Hammock asked the citizens of Tallassee remain patient with the progress at the site because it could a lot of time to complete.

"That's going to take years and years," Hammock said. “That's going to take a while."