Elmore County approves 10 mils of property tax for education

Elmore County residents voted by a wide margin Tuesday to renew three separate ad valorem taxes for education and narrowly affirmed a constitutional amendment that helps meet requirements to get funds from the state.

The result is residents will continue paying 10 mils of property tax to support the Elmore County School System.

With all but one precinct reporting, voters renewed three measures providing a total of 7 mils of property tax by a cumulative 3,335 to 2,497. Those taxes had been in effect for more than 20 years and state law mandated a referendum to either maintain or discontinue them.

The 1-mill countywide school tax was renewed 1,153 to 813, the 3-mil countywide school tax was renewed 1,106 to 842, and the 3-mil school district tax was renewed 1,076 to 842.

Amendment 382 gave all Elmore County residents except those in Tallassee their first chance to approve an additional 3 mils and they consented by only 37 votes, 978 to 941.

Amendment 382 replaces Amendment 778, which went into effect in 2006 without a vote of the public and ensured Elmore County residents pay a total of 10 mils toward education so its school systems can receive funds from the Alabama Education Trust Fund. Tallassee voters approved it years ago.

According to the state, in fiscal year 2018 Elmore County Public Schools gave up its 10 mils of ad valorem tax totaling nearly $9.5 million in matching funds and received more than $66 million from the Alabama Education Trust Fund. Tallassee City Schools received $678,000 in ad valorem taxes through its 10 mils for education and gave it up in matching funds to receive more than $10.9 million from the state in 2018.

Tallassee voters who live in Elmore County voted 32-6 to approve a 3-mil property tax for Tallassee City Schools. Only five precincts were involved.