Gary Davenport walked away from Eclectic's municipal election today with a victory, besting two other candidates.

Town election manager and clerk Deborah Rowe confirmed Davenport as the winner with 179 votes. 

His opponents were Wanda Estes and Carmen Winslett. Estes received 112 votes and 24 votes went to Winslett.

After the election, Davenport thanked the residents of Eclectic for getting out to vote.

"That's the most important thing, getting out and voting for the candidate of your choice," Davenport said. "I'm thankful to be granted the opportunity to serve for another four years."

Looking to the future, Davenport said there are a number of projects he's eager to see through to fruition, such as three planned subdivisions, the opening of new businesses and roadway, sidewalk and park upgrades and renovations.

As he embarks on a new term as mayor, he said he is open to hearing from his constituents.

"If there's anyone in the community with new ideas to share, I encourage them to give me a call at my office and I'd be happy to discuss their ideas," Davenport said.

Town Council election results:

Place 1 

Jackie Stearns - 172 votes

Nathan Collins - 131 votes

Place 2 

Stephanie Stepney - 166 votes

Brittany Evans - 135 votes

Place 3

Lindsay Mothershed - 160 votes

George Hart Jr. - 141 votes

These are the unofficial total votes for Eclectic, not including provisional ballots. Rowe said the provisional ballots will not change the outcome of the election.