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Mayor John Hammock apologized to members of the Tallassee City Council Tuesday night.

Tallassee Mayor John Hammock and the Tallassee City Council have been at odds over several issues for the last six months.

Accusations have been thrown around, investigations called for and lawsuits filed.

Some air was cleared during a finance committee meeting in February, but Hammock made more amends at Tuesday’s council meeting offering an apology to council member Fred Randal Hughey and Rick Dorley.

“I have said things in the past to other people that was out of frustration,” Hammock said in the open meeting. “I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart. I know that’s not going to put the genie back in the bottle, but I feel like I needed to make a public apology to help myself and my healing process.”

Hammock said he came to the conclusion of needing to publicly apologize after a Bible study.

“It made me think a lot,” Hammock said. “It said the tongue is petite, weighing only about 2 ounces, but it's powerful. It's like a small piece of metal used to steer horses.”

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Hammock said the tongue “can control our destiny.” Hammock offered up reasons for some of his misguided words during moments of frustration.

“I had a lot of pressure on me at the time,” Hammock said. “I had four family members pass away in a week and navigating a city through a pandemic and other issues.”

Hughey accepted Hammock’s apology and other council members praised Hammock for the move.

“Thank you for those positive words,” councilmember Bill Godwin said.