(File) Mayor Johnny Hammock has won the mayor's race.

Tallassee Mayor Johnny Hammock has earned another term in the mayor's seat.

Hammock faced Danny Ingram and and John Stonaker in the 2020 municipal election. Hammock received 612 votes while Ingram received 350 and Stonaker received 209.

Johnny Hammock will serve another term as the Mayor of Tallassee. 

"I feel great," Hammock said. "I want to thank all the good people that believed in me during these trying times. The ones who didn't believe all the sensationalism from some of the out-of-town media and the lies on social media. Thank you for believing in me. I want to thank my opponents, Danny Ingram and John Stonaker for running a good clean race." 

In the race for the Tallassee City Council. Jeremy Taunton will continue to represent Ward 1. Taunton received 85 votes and his opponent Tommy Gresham received 37 votes. In Ward 2 Sarah Hill will hold her seat with 110 votes to her opponent Matthew Miller received 81 votes. Damian Carr will continue to represent Ward 3 with 79 votes. Jahazel Hooks received 47 votes and 20 votes were casts for Willie Smith.

William "Bill" Hall is the new councilman for Ward 4. Hall received 116 votes and Darrell Wilson received 59 votes.

In Ward 5 councilman Terrell Brown was unopposed.

Bill Godwin will keep his seat as councilman for Ward 6. Godwin received 126 votes and Michael Stough received 88 votes.

Fred Randall Huey is the new councilmember for Ward 7. Huey received 113 votes over David Stough's 96 votes.

In the race for the Tallassee Board of Education, Ward 1 representative Kami Scarborough was unopposed.

Don Bryant will continue to represent BOE Ward 2 with 140 votes to Alisha Miller's 51.

BOE Ward 3 representative Sonja Moore was unopposed.

RuthAnne McCaig will continue to represent BOE Ward 4 with 90 votes to Jeff Branch's 83 votes.

Melanie Hurston-Goodman will represent BOE Ward 5 with 58 to incumbent Rex Ledbetter's 55 votes.

Heather Miller will represent BOE Ward 6 with 111 votes to Andy Coker's 103 votes.

Ward 7 BOE representative Lacey Brewer was unopposed.