Daughter dancing on mothers feet in living room

Daughter dancing on mothers feet in living room

A group of community organizers is a planning Mother-Daughter Dance that will benefit Andrus Love and his family. Love was diagnosed with cancer late last year and continues to battle the illness.

The dance will be held on Aug. 21 from 6-10 p.m. While the dance is a mother-daughter event, it is not restricted.

"It can be mother and daughter, aunt and niece, grandmother and granddaughter," coordinator Sonya Singleton said.

The dance is for young ladies between 11-15-years-old and their mother figure.

Tickets are $20 and they are limited.

"We have 57 tickets," Singleton said.

Not only with dance create quality time between mother and daughter, but it will also take them back in time.

"The purpose of this is for the older generation to show the younger generation what dancing was like for us and our music versus theirs. To show them how different it was," Singleton said.

This dance not only benefits the Love family, but it also aims to create lasting memories and encompass a lot of fun at the same time.

"We like to think it's a fun way to see how embarrassed they are of us and to have a dance-off with our young girls," Singleton continued. "Enjoy a night out with them. Singleton along with Tallassee's April Purter and Sammie Hogan are coordinating this event.

To purchase tickets to the upcoming Mother-Daughter Dance or for more information, call 334-415-3952 or email sonyasingleton2020@gmail.com