WACQ mural

(Carmen Rodgers) A mural painting of the old East Side Mill is going up on the WACQ Radio Station on the corner of N. DuBois and Barnett Boulevard.

In March it was reported that The Tallassee Redevelopment Authority had commissioned the well-known Artist Steve Lee to paint several murals in the downtown area thanks to a very generous anonymous donation in the amount of $10,000.

The building that houses WACQ Radio on the corner of N. DuBois Street and Barnett Boulevard already has a fresh mural painting of the Tallassee mill. But even more, will begin popping up in the area soon.

"We are looking at the end of August, early September before they are all complete," Tallassee Mayor John Hammock said.

Some of the murals will be painted and attached to the older buildings.

"He's painting one on a big wooden board that he's going to attach to the side of Urban Tails," Hammock said. "We are trying to get the high traffic areas first. That building was built around 1900-1910, he putting it on a big wooden board and he'll bolt it to the side of the building. Some of the buildings downtown are so old and the brick is so coarse that it wouldn't look right."

On the side of the Studio B building downtown on S. Ann Avenue, a mural time period piece from the 40s of the Hotel Talisi is planned.

"On the other side, Bill Patterson's building, where Southern Girls Outlet used to be, you're going to have three smaller murals on the side of that building," Hammock said.

Those murals will include portrait murals of RR Moton, General Elmore, and one of the founder of the City of Tallassee, Barent Dubois.

According to Hammock, the murals will be an attraction to the downtown area.

"We're going to have some nice historical murals here in Tallassee," he said. "That's going to be the start of it."

In addition, city officials are actively seeking grant funding that would cover the cost of adding more murals to the downtown area.

"Some RCD (Rural Community Development) grants to add to some of the other buildings," Hammock said.