Neptune explosion

(Carmen Rodgers) Tallassee Fire Department, Friendship Fire Department and Tallassee Police Department responded to a small explosion at Neptune Technology Group in Tallassee on Thursday, March 12. 

Smoke filled the air as first responders from Tallassee Fire Department, Tallassee Police Department and Friendship Fire Department responded to an explosion at Neptune Technology Group on Thursday, March 12 around 9 p.m.

According to assistant fire chief, David Rogers, the small explosion occurred in the foundry area of the manufacturing plant.

“According to Neptune employees, one of the foundries overheated or had a mechanical failure and there was an explosion in one of the furnaces.”

All of the employees were accounted for and there were no reported injuries.

First responders remained on scene while employees at Neptune evaluated the situation.

According to Rogers, there are three furnaces at the facility. Furnace number two was empty at the time of the explosion. Furnace number three is where the explosion occurred, and responders remained onsite to monitor furnace number one.

“Furnace number one is its cool down phase, so we need to stay on the scene until it completes the cool down phase,” he said.

According to Rodgers, there was minimal damage caused by the explosion.

“The only damage that we can report is to one of the three furnaces.”