New school THS

(Submitted) A drawing of what THS will look like after reconstruction. The new school building will host features that favor the current 92-year-old schoolhouse.

As the school year continues, members of the Tallassee City Schools Board of Education have been working to start construction on a new high school. With plans now firmly in place, school officials said groundbreaking will begin in a matter of weeks.

"We are almost at the beginning stages of actual construction," Tallassee City Schools superintendent Dr. Brock Nolin said.

The Tallassee Board of Education will hold a pre-construction meeting on Wednesday.

"Shortly thereafter we will get a notice to proceed, and the general contractor will start moving equipment in and will start some of the ground prep work,” Nolin said.

The new high school will be built in phases.

"They will utilize the space next to the ag shop and they will start on the auditorium phase, and build from the east to the west,” Nolin said.

With less than two months remaining in 2020, Nolin said groundbreaking will start before the beginning of 2021.

"We plan to break ground very soon after the notice to proceed,” Nolin said. “We expect that to be prior to the beginning of the new year, so sometime in November or early December.”

With a deep history, several in the community have walked the halls of the current building.

"I'm ready for new construction to come to Tallassee,” Nolin said. “We have had 92 years in the old building."

Many members of the BOE have personal ties to the current school building, including Nolin.

"My daughter is the fourth generation to go to school in that building," he said."There is lots of history there."

With construction planned to begin in the near future, Nolin hopes a new high school will be a magnet to the community.

"Just as our mayor (Johnny Hammock) said, there are three pillars to community development and two of those are educational,” Nolin said. “So, with new facilities, we hope that will be a pinnacle of our system and our community and offer opportunities for not only the students we currently have, but for others who move into our community.”

With a lot of change to come, Nolin said he appreciates the community's consideration as plans for the new high school begin to solidify.

"I want to thank them for being so flexible thus far and I ask for their continued flexibility because it will be an interesting 18 to 24 months working through all the processes that it takes to build a new facility,” Nolin said.

Nolin accepted the superintendent position in July of this year and he said he appreciates thecommunity's continued understanding.

"I thank everyone for what they have done so far and ask for their continued grace," Nolin said.