New school

(Carmen Rodgers) With the old school's main campus building out of the way, the new Tallassee High School is beginning to take shape. 

The old Tallassee High School main campus building is all but gone now that the selective demolition process is complete. The materials that were salvaged were placed into storage to be used in the new school's construction.

"The demo subcontractor will be finished with their process in the next couple of days," Superintendent of Tallassee City Schools Dr. Brock Nolin said. "The school is totally down. They have an excavator with a power hammer, which is like a big jackhammer and they are finishing taking the rest of the foundation apart so that can be hauled off. In the next few days, that portion of the process will be done."

During the selective demolition process, the school's original floor joists were salvaged.

"It's interesting to look at those," Nolin said. "They are 10-12 feet long. They are at least 100-years old"

Nolin believes some of the floor joists may have been repurposed after the school burnt and was completed in 1929.

"Some of them look like they were the original beams in the original school. That burned. They had char marks on them. It's my assertation that they were salvaged from the original school and used in the '28, '29 model school," he said.

The letters that read, Tallassee High School, were only put up a few years back, and they were very well affixed to the building.

"They were put up so well with epoxy and screws that they couldn't get them down," Nolin explained. "The goal was to try and get them down but that didn't work."

While the letters on the front of the school building were not able to be saved, much of the school front entrance façade was salvaged.

"The columns, the arches, and things like that were able to be salvaged," Nolin said.

Even with a dappled supply chain, currently, the new school project remains on schedule.

"Just like everything in construction right now, everyone that does this type of work has concerns about the lead time on materials. Everything from steel studs to roofing, but to date we have been on schedule," Nolin said.

The expected completion date for the new Tallassee High School in fall 2022.