lost dog

(Submitted) The owners of this blue and white pit bull that went missing from the Dark Corners Road area in Friendship are hoping to bring their furry friend home. They have offered a $1,500 reward for the dog's safe return.  

Have you seen this dog? She is lost, and her owners are hoping for the safe return of their beloved pet. Her name is Adelyn Fae but she goes by "Addie" or "Addie Fae".

She is a blue and white pit bull that went missing Tuesday, Jan. 12, from the Dark Corners Road area in Friendship.

"Someone said they saw her and my other dog in Pineridge but my other dog is home now," owner Anilexa Serritelli.

Serritelli got Adelyn Fae last year on Aug.1 when she was only a 4-weeks-old puppy.

"She loves treats and squeakers," Serritelli said.

Serritelli and her family have offered a $1,500 reward for the return of their pet.

"We started at $300, but my brother added $700, so I added $500 today," she explained.

Serritelli hopes the large reward will motivate others to be on the lookout for her puppy, and return her home safely.

"I put this reward out to see if someone would be kind enough to bring my baby home, I love her unconditionally," Sterritelli said.

Sterritelli says her dog is more than a pet, she is her best friend. Adelyn Fae offered peace of mind after Sterritelli lost a longtime furry companion.

"I got her to help ease my mind, because I had to put my chihuahua down that I've had since a little kid."

"She was my best friend and after a long day coming home to see her be super excited to see me just made it all better. When I got home she acted as if I was gone for days, every time."

Sterritelli said she will be very grateful when she is reunited with her furry friend.

If you see or have seen Adelyn Fae please call Sterritelli at (334) 398-4142.