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Cliff Williams / Tallapoosa Publishers Traffic has become an issue twice a day in Tallassee as a resurfacing project occurs on Highway 14.

Construction on Highway 14 is nearing the end – and so is the traffic madness.

For weeks the resurfacing of Highway 14 in Tallassee has caused issues as contractors led traffic around equipment and crews. When the timing of school traffic and employees trying to get to work times just right, long delays can be experienced no matter what direction a driver is headed across the Fitzpatrick Bridge.

Tallasse police chief Matthew Higgins did get contractors to make one adjustment.

“Traffic was backing up on the bridge,” Higgins said. “If we had an emergency on the other side of the bridge it would be difficult to get first responders to one side of the (Tallapoosa) River or the other.”

Contractors moved the stop point for eastbound traffic on Highway 14 to Outer Drive Thursday. The move made sure there were never any stopped vehicles on the bridge.

Higgins said traffic only became a problem a couple times a day, once in the morning and in the afternoon especially when work was being done near the bridge. Thursday traffic backed up in downtown filling up Ann Street and others along with two lanes downtown.

The project is being done by the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) and funded by the State of Alabama. ALDOT spokesperson Linda Crockett said overnight work was never considered for the Highway 14 project in Tallassee as it is sometimes done in metropolitan areas to help avoid issues with traffic congestion. But Crockett said the traffic issues may not be around much longer.

“The project is scheduled to be finished by the end of the month,” Crockett said. “In talking with the engineers, parts of the project causing many of the traffic issues should be completed in the next week or so.”