There's a new place to eat in Tallassee that offers a variety of hot treats and cold treats called Snackolla. The quick-serve restaurant started as an idea and has grown into a reality for one local family.  Jennifer, Quentin, Amelia, Audrey, and Emerick Easterling recently opened the restaurant at 604 N Roosevelt St.

 "We've been talking about opening a restaurant for about 2 years," Amelia said.

The family works together to operate the restaurant along with help from a few others.

"We also have friends that help out," Audrey said.

 Now that the dream has become a reality, the family is setting into this new chapter of their lives.

"As long as we don't get slammed overwhelmed, it is nice to do something like this," Audrey said.

Amelia and Audrey created most of the recipes that they cook at Snackolla.

"Our fruit smoothies are made with natural fruit. They are frozen and then they are blended," Amelia said.

The restaurant offers a variety of sandwiches, snacks, smoothies, and milkshakes. Not only are the smoothies and shakes made with real fruit, but the milk is also locally sourced.

"We get our milk from Blue Ribbon Dairy in Kent," Amelia said.

Collagen protein can also be added to the smoothies. Snackolla uses no artificial sweeteners or favoring in their smoothies or milkshakes. Specialty popsicles, floats, and punches are also available. As for the hot snacks, hotdogs, chili dogs, grilled cheese, ham and cheese, roast bee, turkey or BBQ sandwiches are available. Mac and cheese is available as it comes, or top it with chili or BBQ to kick it up a notch.

As for the name, Snackolla, it is intentional.

"We experimented and looked at other restaurants. Like, Panera, is a breadbasket, and olla is a Mexican cooking pot. The pots we cook with are ollas," Amelia explained.

Transitioning into the restaurant business has been a unique experience for the Easterlings.

"It's been an adventure, for sure. It took us four or five months to get it together," Amelia said.

The Easterlings had to retrofit the building that was originally a small bank building.

"We got it together now. I think it's a good layout," Audrey said.

The family is beginning to get to know their regular customers and looks forward to meeting new customers in the future.

"We get new people every day and we also have returning customers. I always try to greet them and remember their names. I think it's important to remember people's names," she said.

"I usually remember their orders."

As for working with family members, that took some getting used to, but it has given them a newfound appreciation for each other.

"Originally it was a train wreck, but we've gotten to the point that we work really well together now," Amelia said. "I think we get along better now that we work together. I think it brought us together and we have more of an understanding for each other."

When asked what the new business owner's message to the community was, the response was easy.

"Our peach-mango smoothies are amazing, and our turkey sandwiches are really good. And they should 100 percent at least give us a try," Audrey said.