Tallassee’s SOAR Inc. held the first group outing of 2020 on Jan. 4 and it was the first of its kind for the organization.

“We launched another service (recently) in our program called Gun Safety,” SOAR Inc. founder Andrus Love said.

The course aimed to teach young people and parents how to appropriately handle a firearm.

“A gun in the hands of a safe person can protect, prevent and provide,” Love said.

Chris Cantrell from the Reeltown community hosted the event.

“Big thanks to Chris for hosting and educating us all,” Love said.

The nonprofit organization is planning to hold another gun safety class in late February or early March. These classes aim to teach youth who are 7 to 13 years old the fundamentals of gun safety, but Love said anyone is welcome to attend.

“It’s open for all ages and parents,” he said.

While SOAR Inc. is active in the community throughout the year, the upcoming spring season is the organization’s busiest time.

“March through September are our busiest months, beginning with elderly and single mothers’ free lawn care, sponsored fishing trips, community service and Swimming with SOAR at the city pool,” Love said. “We incorporated our feeding program in with our swim exercises this year which turned out to be a major success.”

SOAR Inc. does a lot in Tallassee and surrounding communities, but Love said none of this would be possible without the support of the community.

“Small nonprofit organizations like us seek funding and rely heavily on monthly contributions as well as annual assistance,” Love said.

To donate to SOAR Inc., contact Love 334-354-9745 or visit www.facebook.com/SOARIncorporated