Tallassee Chamber seeks yard of month nominations

(File photo) Mike and Vickie Nabors of Riverside Drive were recognized with the Tallassee Chamber of Commerce's Yard of the Month for July in 2017. The Tallassee Chamber of Commerce will begin awarding Yard of the Month signs again this year from April until August. To nominate a yard, call the Chamber at 334-283-5151.

With spring in the air, many have begun to spruce up their yards with freshly planted flowers and shrubs and the Tallassee Chamber of Commerce will soon begin awarding yard of the month plaques to worthy recipients.

“We will select one yard a month from April through August,” Tallassee Chamber of Commerce beautification chairperson Joyce Vella said. “If you know of any really nice-looking yards in Tallassee, let the chamber know.”

This year, the chamber hopes to spotlight homes on both sides of the Fitzpatrick Bridge and showcase yards in East and West Tallassee.

To nominate someone for yard of the month, call or text Vella at 334-354-1554.