Members of the Tallassee Rotary Club met at Tallassee Elementary School early Tuesday morning to distribute dictionaries to third-graders at the school.

The object of the Rotary Dictionary Project is to give every student a personal dictionary of his or her own that will serve at least through elementary and middle school.

Many teachers see this as a key to better reading, speech and writing. These skills will improve student performance in other subjects as well.

Tallassee Rotary Club president Whitney Watson provided students with a brief explanation of Rotary service in the community and around the world.

Rotary International is an international service organization which has a purpose to bring together business and professional leaders to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and to advance goodwill and peace around the world.

The Rotary Club gives dictionaries to third-graders because educators see that grade as the dividing line between learning to read and reading to learn.

"The goal of this program is to assist all students in becoming good writers, active readers, creative thinkers and resourceful learners by providing them with their own personal dictionary," Watson said.