Restoration 49

(Carmen Rodgers) Hayley and Dylan Daniel bought the Patterson building late in 2017. When they purchased the building they told the council that they wanted to help "grow Tallassee". The couple did that when they opened the building, now called Restoration 49, to the public during TallasseeNow RiverFest.

Dylan and Haley Daniels had great intentions when they purchased the Patterson building from the City of Tallassee in December 2017 and today their hard work is transforming it into a beautiful structure.

The couple has plans to open a coffee and smoothie shop, fitness studio and restore classic cars in the 16,000-square foot building.

“We have always wanted to open a coffee shop,” Haley Daniels said. “An atmosphere for teenagers, young adults, elders or anyone who would like to come in and hang out and enjoy some coffee in a non-restaurant setting. With the high school so close and the way classes are set up, some students do not have a first period or they may have a first and third but not a second period, (and) we want this to be a place where they can come and hang out and do homework.”

Haley Daniels graduated from Tallassee High School in 2007 and Dylan Daniels grew up in West Point, Georgia, where he restored classic vehicles with is father. The couple moved to Tallassee in 2016 and today are entrepreneurs and educators — she teaches at THS and he is an instructor at Tallassee’s newly opened Career Tech Center.

“We have a vision for the city of Tallassee,” Dylan Daniels said. “We want to take steps to improve our city and offer more opportunities for the community.”

In addition to the coffee and smoothie shop and the classic car restoration, future plans for the Patterson building include a fitness studio for everyone.

“I teach ladies group fitness classes and soon I will have that in Tallassee,” Haley Daniels said. “It’s not a gym but where we’d have dance classes, fitness classes and toning classes.”

The Daniels plan to have the fitness studio open soon. The coffee and smoothie shop will follow and the hope is to have all three businesses up and running within the next year.