Dixie Division Military Vehicle Preservation Association

Ronnie Brantley had his 1953 MASH Ambulance was one of many military style vehicles on display last year at City Hall for the Dixie Division Military Vehicle Preservation Association at TallasseeNOW Riverfest.

The Dixie Division Military Preservation Association's exhibition will be on display at Tallassee City Hall from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. June 8 as part of the TallasseeNOW Riverfest.

The group restores private military equipment owned by members and displays them at events. At a gathering last year at Tannehill State Park, the organization brought in more than 40 vehicles, nine trailers, a kitchen and a communications display. There was also a flyover by an airplane."It was fabulous," said Ronnie Brantley, the owner of a 1953 MASH ambulance. "The group was invited to parade around the track just before the Sunday race at Talladega. The oldest vehicle in the almost 20-vehicle parade was a 1915 World War I Ford truck, complete with a water-cooled machine gun on the back. The crowd was awestruck." 

The Dixie Division Military Preservation Association is continuing this tradition to honor the military, educate the public and remember the veterans and the equipment that served this country.

Members do not have to be veterans to be in the group; members come from all around the state and some from other areas of the United States. One group has a Vietnam War helicopter display and another has a World War II airplane that performs flyovers.