Work at the historic Hotel Talisi was progressing well until a utility line brought construction to a halt this month.

“There has been a holdup for about three weeks,” City of Tallassee building inspector Andy Coker said during the July 23 city council meeting. “Charter has a line that runs behind the jewelry store (Urban Tails).”

An internet cable that serves businesses in the downtown area will have to redirected before work can resume.

"The line could be damaged by the brick," Coker said. "There is someone from Charter coming Thursday to see how to reroute that. … (work) was going fine until this point. Hopefully we will have a timeframe as soon as they have that line moved."

The west wall of the hotel faces the downtown dog park and, according to Coker, it could be damaged during the reconstruction process.

"Until they get the line moved they can't do anything," he said. "They will come in through the park and we will lose one tree in the back. There will be minor damage to the park and part of the street will be closed for about a week."

Coker told members of the Tallassee City Council a new tree will be donated for use in the park.