Projected 2020 fiscal budget presented to the council

(File) Tallassee is expected to have more revenue than expenditures in 2020.

Tallassee is expected to have more revenue than expenditures in 2020, according to finance committee chairman Bill Godwin, who introduced the projected fiscal year budget to fellow councilmembers during the Sept. 10 regularly scheduled work session.

According to Godwin, the finance committee focused on regular line items, especially the regular line items with larger associated expenses, such as water, gas, sales tax and more. Committee members then compared those expected expenditures to the projected revenue to create the 2020 budget.

"We project revenue above and beyond expenditures," Godwin said. "We have gone through and identified every potential revenue source."

The total projected revenue in the 2020 fiscal year budget totals $10,778,958 with $10,374,650 in expenditures.

"This leaves about $500,000 to play with," Godwin said.

The budget includes $4,186,000 earmarked for projects in the upcoming year, including:

• A TAPS grant match for the downtown utility replacement project

• The Talleweka water tank will be sandblasted and painted.

• add a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to the water system

• Replacing one water filter and underdrain

• Removing and replacing cast iron gas lines

Godwin pointed out $410,000 in revenue in the fiscal year budget was generated from the sale of The Guesthouse and Seven Gables.

The council raised fees earlier this year on garbage pickup, sewage and wholesale water sales and while members say the increase mostly accounted for lost revenue, the increased revenue has given the council more room in the budget for unforeseen circumstances.

Councilmember Darryl Wilson expressed concern over work schedules for regular city employees and asked the councilmembers to consider extending their time off during the upcoming holidays.

Members of the council will review the 2020 fiscal budget at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the regularly scheduled council meeting.

"Technically you have two weeks to look over this," Godwin said. "This is just an introduction (now). If you have any questions, give us a call."