The Tallassee Community Development Corporation's Trivia Night will now be held at Rustic Mill Bistro at 102 North Ann Ave. in downtown Tallassee.

Registration will begin at 6:30 p.m. and trivia rounds will begin at 7 p.m.

“There will be five rounds of five questions each,” event coordinator Griffin Pritchard said. “Teams can be up to four people. At the end of the night, the team with the most points takes half the pot.”

There are only a few rules in place and cell phones will be prohibited during the trivia rounds.

“In an effort to ensure the spirit of fair play, during the question rounds there will be a bowl on the table for cell phones,” Pritchard said. “You'll be allowed access in the intermissions between rounds.”

Pritchard hopes Trivia Night's relocation will draw a large crowd because more participants equal a larger pot to split. The buy-in is $5 per round, which is $20 per night per team.

There will also be additional prizes offered during Trivia Night.

“We will give away a gift certificate every during the food round,” Pritchard said.

Trivia questions come from five categories, including one category with no rules.

“There are five rounds including sports, history, performing arts, music and potpourri,” Pritchard said. “Potpourri is an ask-any-type-of-question round.”

Pritchard said Trivia Night is still a work in progress that will continue to evolve as the event progresses.

“As we continue we will change some things, topics could change,” he said. “It could be something like a movie round or Grammy night.”

Spectator teams are also welcome to join in the fun but those will not be eligible to win prizes.

“If you want to play but don't want to play you're welcome,” Pritchard said.

Trivia Night is a win/win for both the community and local businesses.

“This is aimed at enriching and further developing our community and at the same time supporting and promoting local business,” Pritchard said. “Rustic Mill gives a discount to the trivia players and winners will win a gift certificate from Rustic Mill that cannot be used on Trivia Night so people have to come back.”

The partnership between Rustic Mill and the Tallassee CDC is beneficial to both entities.

“The folks at Rustic Mill have been very helpful with this,” Pritchard said. “Our success will benefit them as well.”

For more information about Trivia Night, contact Pritchard at 256-496-0032.