Freedom walk

A newly formed charity in Tallassee will stage a walk beginning at 9 a.m. Aug. 17 at J.E. “Hot” O'Brien Stadium and ending at the Tallassee Police Department.

Courtney and Sonya Thornton founded UNITY to help those in need and keep neighborhoods clean and safe by joining forces with fellow members of the community.

“We will be completely community based,” Courtney Thornton said. “What we want is to go out into the community and assess the needs of the public and help with those needs. We want to be a hub for them, to point them in the right direction to get some assistance.”

To celebrate the group's creation, the Thorntons have planned the Freedom Walk, which is open to the public and especially those who have been set free from an unhealthy lifestyle.

“The Freedom Walk is for anyone who has been freed from a previous lifestyle that they had and are now living a positive life,” Courtney Thornton said.

The Thorntons created UNITY to bring the community together and assist other local charity groups which at times can become overwhelmed.

“Whatever we have to do to do our part,” Courtney Thornton said. “There are a lot of great organizations in the city and we want to take some of that workload and help do our part. We want these people to show up at the football field and we want to walk and show the community that we are a united front and we can get this community back together, working together.”

Tallassee police chief Matthew Higgins said a patrol unit will roll along with the group during the walk.