Flag Handout

(Submitted) Despite the extremely hot Independence Day temperatures local veterans filled their day handing out symbols of patriotism to motorists in Tallassee. Dr. Gregory Dubay and other locally retired veterans stood at the intersection of Hwy. 14, Friendship Road., and Barnett Boulevard to hand-deliver flags to passing motorists.

Despite extremely hot weather, local veterans filled their Independence Day handing out American flags to motorists in Tallassee.

Dr. Gregory Dubay and other local retired veterans stood at the intersection of Highway 14, Friendship Road and Barnett Boulevard to hand deliver flags to passing motorists.

As the heat index reached into the 100s, Dubay said he became ill and fell and said he received emergency care for lacerations and a concussion.

“With the assistance of my Operation Combat Bikesaver brothers, Tracy and Squid, we handed out 720 American flags,” Dubay said. “We didn't request any donations. However, many old and new friends freely donated to OCB and we are greatly appreciative of their generosity.”

Operation Combat Bikesaver, located on Cherokee Trail in the Kent area of Tallassee, is a safe space for veterans or active duty military to bond with other veterans by building motorcycles and eventually earning one of their own with an additional $2,000 for parts and services at no cost to the recipient.

“Although falling short of OCB’s goal of 750 free flags due to Dubay's injury, we are pleased and energized with the community's response and anticipating next year of offering 1,000 flags with attached copies of the Declaration of Independence,” president of Operation Combat Bikesaver Alabama Rob Dinsmore said. “As before, these will be free and without requesting a donation.”