THPS afghan

(Carmen Rodgers) The afghan depicts ten local historic sites. It is made by Pure Country Weavers out of North Carolina.

The Talisi Historical Preservation Society is hosting an Afghan Fundraiser. The custom-made afghan blanket depicts ten local historic sites, including The Clubhouse, which is now the Tallassee Public Library, The Council Tree, the Benjamin Fitzpatrick Bridge, the old west side mill bell tower, the original Tallassee Hospital, the Hotel Talisi, Tallassee High School, the Patterson Log Cabin, and Herren Hill Plantation.

The first order of afghans is on the way and more could have to soon be ordered.

"I am going to order 100, and I actually think I may need to order 200," THPS Ann Christian said. "We have already sold nearly 50," Christian said.

An afghan depicting the ten of Tallassee historical sites comes with an $80 price tag. However, because the THPS is a nonprofit organization, a portion of the purchase is tax-deductible.

"Half of that can be taken off income tax because it's a tax deduction."

Tallassee has many historic sites and choosing only ten was a difficult task.

"We were limited to ten," Christian said. "We tried to pick the ten that were the most noticeable. It was really a hard choice."

Not only does the afghan depict historic sites in Tallassee, but it also chronicle's the past.

"It actually tells the history of Tallassee, from The Council Tree, which was 1811, all the way into the present day," she said.

While some of the historic sites on the afghan can be visited today, many are a thing of the past.

"The bell tower no longer exists, but we are going to build it back on the armory. The hospital doesn't exist. The high school has changed. So, about half of the sites no longer exist,'" she said.

The THPS plans to continue this fundraiser for the foreseeable future.

"We hope to have this ongoing all the time," Christian said. "When we open the museum back up it will be an item for sale."

The afghan is 54x72 and it will just cover the surface of a full-size bed. It is made by Pure Country Weavers out of North Carolina.

To purchase an afghan, contact any member of the Tallassee Historical Preservation Society, or call Christian at 334-991-0409 or go by WACQ Radio Station at 320 Barnett Boulevard.