Members of the Tallassee Rotary Club distributed dictionaries to 3rd graders at Tallassee Elementary School this morning, Thursday, Oct. 14. The dictionary project is a long-standing tradition for the local Rotary Club.

The dictionary project promotes literacy and sets the path for the next generation of Rotarians.

Tallassee Rotary Club president Logan Steers, vice president Stephanie Weldon, outgoing president Carmen Rodgers, and new member Kristin Harris handed the dictionaries out to students.

"These are your dictionaries," Rodgers said to the students. "We want you all to take these dictionaries and learn from them. We hope that one day you, too, will give students just like you dictionaries like these because you all are the next generation of Rotarians."

Rodgers also explained what the civic organization does in the community such as, offering scholarships to deserving students, helping families in need, volunteering in the community, and more.

The Tallassee Rotary Club has been active for 92 years.

Attorney Paul P. Harris formed the original Rotary Club in Chicago in 1905.

Rotarians may be best known for their campaign against polio. Since beginning the project in 1985, Rotarians have contributed over $850 million and hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours, allowing more than two billion of the world's children to receive the polio vaccine.

The Tallassee Rotary Club is actively seeking new members. If you would like to join this civic organization, contact Logan Steers at 334-991-4476.