TPD to apply for $25,000 grant for computers

(Carmen Rodgers) Tallassee Police Department's chief, Matthew Higgins, explained the department's plan to move forward with the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation Grant to pay for updated technology during the March 12 council meeting at City Hall.

Since taking office, Tallassee Mayor Johnny Hammock, the city council and department heads have collected over $1 million in grant funding and the total continues to climb.

Police chief Matthew Higgins said his department would seek additional funds through a Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation Grant to pay for updated technology.

The $25,000 grant would replace outdated computers older than three to five years, “which anyone who deals with computers knows it’s basically a doorstop,” Higgins said.

If the grant is approved, Higgins said the city will not have to contribute any money for the department’s technological overhaul.

“We are looking at replacing all of those with that grant,” Higgins said. “It’s a non-matching grant. We are notifying the council and asking permission to go after that.”

Firehouse Subs has long been a supporter of first responders. A portion of all 2019 purchases from U.S. Firehouse Subs locations goes to the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation to be used to provide lifesaving equipment to first responders.

The Foundation has granted more than $40 million to provide equipment, training and support to first responders.