Trade day

(File) The last time Tallassee saw a Trade Day was Oct. 2017. Now, the Tallassee Chamber of Commerce hopes to bring the once-popular event back to the downtown area.

Trade Day was an annual event that took place on King Street near Tallassee High School for decades; however, the event was canceled in 2018. The Tallassee Chamber of Commerce hopes to bring the once-popular event back to the area in the future.

Trade Day ran for 29-years before being canceled. It was canceled because its schedule conflicted with many other events in the area, such as college football and youth sports.

It has been 4 years since Trade Day was last held, but the Director of the Tallassee Chamber of Commerce, Jerry Cunningham, says the event could soon return, only in a different area of downtown Tallassee.

"Trade Day is coming back but we are waiting until we are in the final process of the TAP grant for downtown," Cunningham said.

Mayor Johnny Hammock is hopeful that work on the TAP grant will begin this year.

"When we get to that point, Trade Day will be much bigger and it will be held in downtown," Cunningham said.

While Trade Day celebrated its 29-anniversary in 2018, the event actually goes back much farther, to the 1960s.

"It was brought back in the 80s," Cunningham said. "It was a very big event. It just needs a new direction."

While still in the planning stage, Chamber members are looking at various options that would promote and maintain interest in Trade Day.

"Do we do it every year or every other year," Cunningham asked. "We are just trying to find a way to keep the momentum going."

Past Trade Days have showcased local dance studios, food vendors, specialty items, handmade products, and more.

According to Cunningham, the event simply needs to be revamped.

"Based on my experience and based on information, I think it just needs some new direction, new energy," he said.