Tyler Rodgers

(Submitted) A senior at Tallassee High School, has been honored as a Teen Spotlight in Potential Magazine for excelling in his academics and leadership. Tyler is pictured here with his father, Larry.

Potential released its Winter 2019 issue Nov. 6. This issue contains spotlighted

teens from schools in the area who are excelling in their academics, extracurriculars and are

striving to reach their full potential.

The Teen Spotlight from Tallassee City Schools is Tyler Rodgers. He is a senior at Tallassee

High School. Tyler is a member of the Tallassee High School band and also serves as the conductor and musical director for the Central Alabama Youth Wind Symphony. He is well-versed in music, but is also a writer and poet, and works as a part-time English tutor.

Rodgers, 18, is a composer of eight musical pieces, writer of a soon-to-be-published novel, Alabama Honor Band Performer.

Rodgers joined the Alabama National Guard in March.

“Keep your eye on the prize and don’t let the stress get to you,” Rodgers said as advice to to other high schoolers. “People achieve greatness through being strong in times of hardship.”

When asked about his future plans, Rodgers said, “I plan to go to Troy University to get my Ph.D. in psychology, with minors in criminology, criminal justice, and music. After I complete college and finish my final Guard contract, I plan to apply for the FBI to work as a forensic psychologist. After that, I think I’ll go for politics.”

Rodgers shared a piece of advice from his father that really stood out to him.

“(My father said), ‘All we have in this world is time and people,’” Rodgers said. “‘Without people, there’s no point in wasting time, and without time, there’s no point in seeing people. You’ve got to make the best of your time with people, because son, people aren’t here forever. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Love and cherish them, because people are so important.’”

Rodgers father, Larry shared, “Tyler has the internal strength that I admire. He is self-motivated in every aspect of his young adult life. He does not give up or get discouraged. Tyler’s ability to be positive and caring for others is a major attribute to his character. Always willing to help others, Tyler never comes with his hand out for things. He is always willing to work hard to achieve his goals.”

Rodgers father, Larry, and mother, Virginia, advise other parents to never give up on their child’s ability to dream.

“Nourish those ideas and coach from where the child is every day of their life,” they said.