Low water pressure

A water leak on E.B Payne Sr. Drive left some Tallassee residents without water and others with low water pressure for part of the day Sunday as municipal employees worked to correct the issue. Crews began working to fix the water leak on Sunday, Feb. 21, but were unable to get the job done before nightfall.

E.B. Payne Sr. Drive is a road that many parents travel while taking students to Southside Middle School.

"We have that road blocked off," Mayor Johnny Hammock said. "We blocked it off right before you get to Comer Lane."

Until the issue is resolved, motorists will need to take a detour through downtown Tallassee on S. Ann Avenue to Comer Lane. Comer Lane will connect to E.B. Payne Sr. Drive south of the blocked area of the road.

"You will not be able to go down E.B. Payne," Mayor Hammock said. "We have barricades up so you can't go that way. We have the road cut open."

 The water leak is also affecting area industries.

"It's one of the main lines that feeds in, that goes down to the Industrial Park," Hammock said.

The decision was made to shut down the city's water filter plant for part of the day on Sunday in an effort to correct the problem on E.B. Payne Sr. Drive.

"We tried to reduce the water pressure so we could work on it, but that didn't work," Mayor Hammock said.

City crews went back to work on the water leak early Monday morning.

"I was out there at 6:30 this morning," Mayor Hammock said.

Crews worked on the water leak until sundown on Sunday.

"We just didn't have enough manpower last night and it got dark on us," Mayor Hammock said. "We are going back at it to evaluate things this morning."

Shutting down the water filter plant left some Tallassee residents without water.

"I know there were a lot of people in Carrville and East Tallassee area that didn't have water yesterday while we were trying to fix it. So, we went ahead and turned it back on," Mayor Hammock said.

Crews are looking for the best option to repair the leak and be the least troublesome to Tallassee residents

"We are trying to come up with a plan to see if we can cut a valve so that we only have to cut off a small portion of Tallassee, not the whole town," Mayor Hammock said.

Currently, this is a fluid situation, and residents are asked to follow the City of Tallassee Facebook page for the latest updates.