pediatric emergency kits

(Submitted) Lyla McDade seemed happy and healthy Sunday evening just hours before having to seek medical attention.

Summer McDade is a property manager at Summer At The Lake House on popular Lake Martin. She helps families enjoy their vacations and getaways on a routine basis, but when she and her family set out to enjoy a lake retreat, it was anything but routine.

McDade's daughter got sick on a recent trip to the lake. Thankfully, the family lives close by so they knew exactly where to go and what to do.

"We were staying at one of my client rentals for the weekend. Everything had been fine. We went to church, came back, ate pizza. My 5-years-old daughter seemed a little tired but we did the Poker Run the day before so I just watched her by the water and figured she was just tired on a Sunday afternoon," McDade said. "I didn't have a thermometer with me and she wasn't alarmingly warm or lethargic so I just let her nap."

By nightfall, McDade's daughter had a higher temperature and there was no place open to purchase a thermometer. The family lives close by so she was able to make a quick trip home to pick one up.

"At bedtime, she had gotten considerably warmer," McDade said. "But all the stores locally were closed. It was Sunday night at Lake Martin.  We only live 10 minutes away. So, I ran home and grabbed the thermometer and the Children's Tylenol, and went back to the lake. Her fever was 103. Which, is typically manageable at home. So, I gave her some Tylenol and decided to call her pediatrician in the morning."

By morning, the McDade's were on their way to seek medical treatment for their daughter, and it would be 7-days before the family returned home.

"I woke up the next morning and immediately checked her temp again," she said. "It was 105.7. I called her pediatrician and they asked me to also check mine to ensure the thermometer was working properly. Mine was 97.7. So, they sent us to a Montgomery emergency room. We later ended up being transported to Birmingham children's hospital. And spent the week there getting treatment."

Luckily, after a week's stay at Children's Hospital, McDade's daughter continues to improve. But she has one big takeaway from this experience. She wants to make sure no other family is caught off-guard without proper pediatric emergency supplies like a thermometer, children's medication, a list of area medical care facilities, and a list of places to purchase medical supplies.

"Because we live locally, we were better able to navigate the situation. I can't imagine how out of control I would have felt if we didn't already know where to go and who to trust," she said.

Moving forward, all of McDade's rentals properties will be equipped with pediatric emergency kits. Areas of Lake Martin are situated in rural parts of the county and resources can be limited, especially later in the evening.

"All of our rentals will be getting upgraded first aid kits this week," she said.