(Submitted) William “Bill” Hall has announced his intent to run for City Council in Ward 4.

William “Bill” Hall has announced his intent to run for the Tallassee City Council in Ward 4 during the upcoming municipal election on Aug. 25. 

Not a stranger to service in the City of Tallassee, Hall has prior service on the Tallassee Recreation Board, multiple years as a member of the Board of Zoning Adjustments, and he has also served as president of the Tallassee Dixie Youth Baseball league.

Born in Alexander City, Hall spent several of his childhood years growing up in nearby Kent prior to moving to Tallassee. While attending Tallassee High School, he participated in sports as well as serving as president of the National Honor Society.

Upon graduation from Tallassee High School, he continued his education by receiving an undergraduate degree in business at AUM and a Master’s of Business Administration Degree from Troy State University.

Hall is currently employed as a supervisory auditor with the Alabama National Guard. Prior to taking this position, he retired from the Alabama Department of Revenue where he had 25 years combined experience as a tax auditor and supervisor. In addition to this state and federal Service, he is also a retired colonel with over 31 years of military service with the Alabama Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserves.

Throughout his years of military service, Hall served in multiple operations including Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Deepwater Horizon in response to the BP Oil Spill, and in response to Tropical Storm Gustav. Hall’s military career also included commanding troops at detachment, company and battalion levels, and extensive work with various federal, state and county emergency management personnel.

In announcing his candidacy, Hall said, “Despite the economy and the budgetary constraints, I feel that it’s time for Tallassee to make a statement. Tallassee should be the city that people look to move into rather than commute to or visit. With an increase in population comes increased funding for schools, a greater appeal for industrial development, better eating establishments, and even better shopping.

“To become more attractive, we have to place emphasis on growth and improvements that benefit all of our citizens — youth through senior citizens. We can accomplish this by focusing on three things: expansion of existing services and programs, new development and most importantly being fiscally responsible.” 

Hall feels his experience in managing millions of dollars of military equipment, a diverse background in auditing and finance and working with various governmental agencies qualifies him to assume a position on the council. 

“A councilmember is the single voice for the ward and I feel it’s time for us together to move Tallassee forward,” Hall said. “I want to make Tallassee the city that our kids and grandkids are proud to call home.”