Many of you know Carmen Winslett from her work as an Eclectic Town Council councilmember, town event coordinator, work with the Eclectic Public Library and the Eclectic Senior Center or from being customers of her small business, Eclectic Sugar & Spice. Winslett said her goal has always been and always will be the betterment of the Town of Eclectic.

"We have seen many changes over the last couple of years and would like to see the positive changes continue for the next four years," Winslett said. "The council has seen the beginnings of two housing developments that will soon be part of our town. We have hired a public works supervisor who has saved us a considerable amount of money in his first two weeks on the job as well as addressed many ongoing concerns about the continued beautification of our town. This council was also part of the acquisition of the pecan orchard on First Avenue, a project that has huge benefits and provides countless opportunities for the town."

As the event coordinator, Winslett has worked to bring Trade Days back to Eclectic and the town has seen the number of vendors grow each year.

"With the exception of this year, we have been able to have a community yard sale for the last three years that has been more successful each year,” Winslett said. “We also have a Community Easter Egg Hunt in the spring and a very successful Holiday Fest in December. The Alabama Cotton Festival held last year was the largest Eclectic has ever seen and we are well on our way to making it even larger this year. We had a record number of vendors, car and dog show participants and attendees last year. We are very excited about this year."

Winslett said she thoroughly enjoys working with the town council and mayor to improve the town in any way possible.

"In addition, I enjoy working with all of the volunteers who make our events the successes they are," she said.

Winslett believes in Eclectic and its people.

"Eclectic is a very special small town and the heart of this small town is the citizens themselves,” she said. “As mayor, I will work to represent each citizen as well as what is in the best interest of the town. I will always have an open-door policy. I am representing you — the citizens of Eclectic. This is your town, your home and your future, just as it is mine and that of my children.

“If elected, I will be a true public servant. I will listen to the concerns of any citizen and answer all questions. Although decisions will always need to be made that may not make every person happy, these decisions will be made after careful consideration and discussion with the town council.”

Winslett encourages anyone who has questions to reach out to her at any time through phone, text, email or in person.

"As our forefathers stated so eloquently, our government is meant to be 'of the people, by the people, for the people',” Winslett said. “I would encourage everyone to come to town council meetings, attend town events and become involved in any way you can. This is your town and your government representatives. Voice your concerns and express your desires. Make your voice heard at the polls. This is the ultimate expression of democracy. I am asking for your vote on Aug. 25, 2020 for mayor of the Town of Eclectic. Let's continue to make our hometown just that — a hometown to be proud of.”