Hotel talisi demo

(Carmen Rodgers) Work once again began on the Hotel Talisi in downtown now that an internet cable has been relocated.  A company out of Millbrook, Quality Dirt Work and Construction, has come in to cut the old brick out of the compromised westside wall of the historic hotel.

Work once again began at the historic Hotel Talisi now that an internet cable has been relocated and L&E Construction completed the bracing needed to begin the roof and partial brick wall removal. 

"They have completed the bracing from the second floor to the third," Tallassee building inspector Andy Coker said during a July council meeting. "That was the first thing that they needed to do. So that, in the event that the wall did come down. It wouldn't last forever but it would allow time for the workers to get off of the third floor."

Coker said upon further inspection, the root of the partial roof collapse was discovered.

"When we got in there further, the downspouts were not proper and it put pressure on the weight and it pulled the beams out of the pockets on the third floor, and that's what caused the roof to come down,” Coker said.

A company out of Millbrook, Quality Dirt Work & Construction, has cut the old brick out. According to Coker, the company will come in and cut the compromised brick wall square. Once that brick wall has been cut out and removed, the architect and structural engineer will come in, and at that point, they will draw out the rebuild part of the project.