This old year is about to come to an end and as I look back on it, I think overall it has been a good year and if my health holds out I wouldn't mind having 15 more of them. I would be 100 and you would have to ask me about the future at that point.

I had a new great grandson born in January and we named him Brantley. I don't know how we came up with that name.

We officially hired a preacher for our church and so far all has gone well. He is happy and we are happy. Wetumpka had a tornado with a lot of damage. I like gospel singings so we loaded up the van plus a few extras came and went to a singing in Central. This was just one of the many we attended during the year. As every year rolls around so does birthdays, each child, grandchild and great grandchild celebrated their birthday with all the trimmings.

We have a hobby of finding military vehicles and getting with other people who enjoy the same thing. When we think a vehicle is ready to show, it is added to our group. We have been to Huntsville, Mobile, Wind Creek, Opelika, Auburn, Montgomery and Alex City just to name a few places. And while we are there we eat as a group at places such as Sho'Nuff in Alex City, Fried Tomatoes in Montgomery, seafood in Mobile, big meals in Huntsville and other great eating places in the towns we visit.

As I get older I pamper myself more. I eat at many different places. I get my toes done about every three months, gospel singings, football on TV, visit estate sales and thrift stores and many other things and enjoy each thing I do. I'm old enough to say no if I don't want to do something or go somewhere.

Ronnie started building his barn home on the hill on our property. He is chief, cook and bottle washer and is doing it all himself as we did when we built my house years ago. He is not trying to please or impress anyone but himself and Tammy his wife. Of course, we all or at least most of us fill out our taxes and I did this in March which was early for my family.

I have had bad luck with my purple martins, for about 45 years I have had worlds of purple martins. Each year in February here they come and stay until their babies are old enough to fly back to South America. My birds came in as usual, we had some goats penned up and we found a chicken snake in the goat house. We killed the snake and the next morning all of my birds left and never came back. I don't know if they will be back this year or not.

We celebrated 60 years of being in business; we opened June 10, 1959 on Gilmer Avenue in Tallassee and stayed there well over 50 years, then after selling that property we immediately opened in Kent and that is where we are today.

For a person that likes to see new places and things I didn't travel around too much. Last year I went to Kentucky to see Noah's ark and this year Scottsboro was about as far as I went and I enjoyed the trip. I did take a lot of trips to see the doctor this year. I did not count them up but I've been so much that I've learned a lot of the office personnel by their first names.

I had a new pacemaker put in and as far as I know it is working fine. I intend to wear out a few more pacemakers in my next 15 years.

Three events I thoroughly enjoyed this past year was the Taste of Eclectic, you talk about eating. The Taste of Tallassee, this was new for Tallassee in a way. Tallassee used to have a Taste of Tallassee then they quit and after some years this was a start over and it was a huge success. Some guardsmen organized a breakfast for a lot of us National Guards troops that date back many years. The breakfast was great and the fellowship was outstanding. I am looking forward to other get-togethers with these men that served many years in our local guard.

My sister Dale Brantley Hill died on Nov. 15; she was the baby of seven Brantley children that Mama and Daddy had. I have lost six brothers and sisters and I am the only one left. As Christmas draws near I think of this sister more and more and when I think of her she is 5 to 7 years old. As her older brother I feel it was my duty to look after her, especially at Christmas time. As years went on I started getting her a Kiwanis club ornament each year. This year she died before I could get hers to her.

Thinking of last year just like all the year before are just memories. It is next year we should concern ourselves with. I hope you have a great year coming up and if I am part of it through my Coffeebreak article it will be even better.