How close can the Rams get to a perfect season?

Every once in a while, an NFL team looks so good after a few games, people begin to look down the schedule to see how long an undefeated season can actually last. We may never see another team run the table in the regular season en route to a Super Bowl title.

But that does not stop us from the speculation. And this year, that team is the Los Angeles Rams.

The Rams currently sit 8-0, halfway to the perfect regular season mark. There are a handful of teams left on the schedule which could easily steal a win from Los Angeles but I’m here to tell you why this team may be the team to pull off the unthinkable.

Last week, the Rams hosted the Packers in a game that felt like a home game for Green Bay. The Packers battled and held a fourth quarter lead before giving up a field goal with just over two minutes to go. Los Angeles took a 29-27 lead and, in most games, you would feel pretty comfortable with that.

Unfortunately for the Rams, Aaron Rodgers was on the other sideline. Sometimes, I think Rodgers was just built in a factory and specifically made for fourth-quarter comebacks. He led the Packers back from down 17 points to the Bears in the opening game of the season in what might have been my favorite Sunday Night Football game of all time.

So, what happened on Sunday? How did the Rams hang on to win?

Rodgers never got the ball back. The Rams, and possibly fate, intervened and forced a fumble on the kickoff following Greg Zeurlein’s game-winning field goal.

There was another chance for Rodgers to return to the field but instead of running the ball into an open end zone, LA’s Todd Gurley fell down inside the 10-yard line to let the final seconds tick away.

If the Rams were going to lose a game this season, Sunday was the perfect time for it to happen. Los Angeles will now look at its eight remaining games thinking it already survived the impossible. What could possibly stop it now?

And before I get too carried away with the return of the Greatest Show on Turf, I will say this: I do not think the Rams are going 19-0 this season. At least I am not willing to admit I think that. Yet.

The Rams have a brutal schedule over the next few weeks and you could easily find not only one loss, but three to four losses remaining on the schedule. So now I have to put my money where mouth is and make a real prediction.

Los Angeles plays New Orleans, Seattle and Kansas City over the next three weeks. If the Rams are still undefeated after their meeting with the Chiefs, they will not lose this season. If the Rams enter their bye week at 11-0, they will finish the season 19-0.

So, jump on the bandwagon early because there is plenty of space. Seriously, it was embarrassing to hear the noise Packers fans were making in the (temporary) Los Angeles stadium.

Caleb Turrentine is a sports writer for The Tribune.