There are a lot of guidelines that make living happier and more fun. I have friends, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and I am constantly giving them my words of wisdom in hopes they will heed my warnings or take my advice. I feel like my 80-plus years of wisdom are worth something.

Here are a few; I hope you read them more than once.

• Never turn the oven on without first looking inside.

• If you don't know how, remember every man and woman needs to know how to make good cornbread.

• Look around and pretend you’re in a fire truck or ambulance. Can you see your street address? If not, put it where it can be seen because it may save someone’s life or your property. This goes for your lake property, business and home.

• When going barefoot, stay away from coffee tables, chicken yards or cow pens.

• When you can, eat some wild blackberries, plums or a peach you pulled off a tree.

• Every carport serves as a roost for a bird; these birds make nightly deposits on our cars.

• Watch “The Rifleman” and “The Andy Griffith Show” on TV. There are lessons to be learned.

• Kissing is good by a mother, father, grandmother and so on. Getting kissed is even better from a mother, father, grandmother, etc.

• Always be proud you are an American and Southerner.

• Honor the flag and your ancestors.

• Write it down or you may forget it.

• Instead of going somewhere else, visit your hometown because there is plenty of history and interesting things you probably have never seen. It will be fun to get to know them.

• Never drink hot coffee while riding on a dirt road.

• If you think you are going to fall, lay down. It never hurts to lay down.

• I always carry a buckeye ball, although not for luck. I just don't like to take chances.

• Don't pick on anyone too strong about their football team. They may laugh but they will resent it.

• When receiving services, whether it is a shoe shine or haircut, never say, “I will let you rest.” That's not what he came to work for and, besides, statements like this are in bad taste.

• If you enjoy singing in the shower, go ahead and sing because it is good for you in many ways.

• If you have an outdoor event planned, set an alternate date because everything depends on the weather.

• Never paint anything with your good clothes on, thinking, “I won't get any paint on me.”

• When out in public and if you don't have a change of clothes, don't eat spaghetti with a white shirt on.

I hope you enjoyed these life lessons. If you heed at least one or two you will be happier and better off. If you have any you want to share, get in touch with me.