by Glen Dean | Tallassee

The letter from Bob Reed stating that we legislate morality is so wrong on so many counts .

To begin with, we don’t legislate morality, we enact laws designed to protect us from each other. I am not allowed to steal another person’s property, not because its wrong, because we can’t exist as a society where our property isn’t safe from thieves. Same with murder and all other laws, we as a civilized society must live together and be protected from each other.

Only a theocracy, such as Iran legislates morality. Their laws go into things they consider immoral, such as a woman going in public without covering her head. Or things like adultery. I will have to admit sometimes our so-called victimless laws do cross the line from protection, to a morality and a theocracy, such as Sunday alcohol sales, but many of these laws are falling by the wayside as we strive to keep church and state separate.

What you wrote about a lottery is partially true. An Alabama lottery won’t generate any new money. What it will do is stop Alabama dollars from crossing the state line into Georgia and Florida’s education lotteries. It will enable the person already buying lottery tickets to invest in an Alabama education, rather than in our neighbor states .

And, sadly, you are right about any large sums of money making our politicians drool.

This, however, holds true for any money, such as a highway project, or anything else. All we can do is keep a close eye on them.

Bottom Line, Iran legislates morality, the U.S.A. enacts laws as protection from each other or something for the common good such as a road.