Melanie Wilson | Tallassee

Dear Editor:

With the closing of Winn-Dixie, I believe Tallassee has a wonderful opportunity. There will be a large space available for the use of the town. With the emphasis on health and exercise these days, I think it would be wonderful if Tallassee could attract an entity such as Planet Fitness or YMCA to open an exercise facility in all or part of that existing space.

Our current options leave a lot to be desired.

The equipment at the Recreation Center is old and mostly worn out, at least in my opinion.

The building leaves a lot to be desired; it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter, and people won’t use a facility that is uncomfortable.

Revamping the shopping center into an exercise facility would mean more space for more equipment. The building itself is probably in better condition than the Recreation Center building.

I believe the people of Tallassee would welcome and support such a facility. I really hope that the leadership will use this opportunity to do something constructive and realistic for the citizens of Tallassee.