Glenn Dean / Tallassee

There has been a lot said lately , about changing the image of Tallassee , so as to attract more business , and residents.

One of the many names Tallassee has given itself is, ‘Gateway To Lake Martin.’

We now have a nice Wal-Mart to supply the travelers headed

to the Lake, a step in the right direction. Tallassee needs to take the next step and get with our sister towns, Millbrook and Wetumpka, and request Sunday Liquor sales.

Instead of a Lake Martin bound traveler having to make two stops, one south of the interstate to pick up his beer and wine, then another stop in Tallassee to get everything else, he can spend all his money in Tallassee.

Sunday Blue Laws, have never stopped not one beer from being drank on Sunday.

Anyone who chooses to drink, either stocks up on Saturday, or knows who sells alcohol on Sunday.

Allowing alcohol sales on Sunday, in Tallassee will increase needed revenue . Allowing draft beer to be sold in our restaurants would also increase revenue.

If Tallassee ever progressed to the point of allowing a neighborhood bar or Pub , selling draft beer would be a good business incentive. If Tallassee is sincere about wanting to move forward, giving people what the want is the first move.