by Dr. Kenneth Varner | Tallassee

I know you probably get a lot of complaints, and positive news from satisfied people is likely a rarity. I understand that because that is the nature of my job as well. Having acknowledged that, I feel compelled to reach out to you and tell you how pleasurable it is working with the staff of The Tallassee Tribune.

I have enjoyed the interviews I have had with both Willie Moseley and Adam Powell. Both gentlemen are very conversational and have been very fair in their reporting of news associated with our school system. I find that I can be far less guarded with them than what I have to be with other reporters.

To an even greater extent, I have particularly enjoyed working with Griffin. I find him to be very refreshing and extremely easy to interact with. I always welcome him, because I always know that his agenda is to do his job – not to do harm. I understand that it is his job to report the news, even if it doesn’t show us in the most positive light. But I also appreciate the fairness he has shown to us in his reporting and the professional way in which he performs his job. I trust Griffin, and I can’t say that about many of the reporters I have interacted with over the years.

I have received a lot of feedback on his article about a new high school in this week’s Tribune. The article was lengthy, but definitely showed a broad perspective of the subject. The time and effort he put into researching and constructing this article was evident throughout. This article is about something that is important to our community, and that’s exactly what a community newspaper should be reporting on.