by Glenn Dean / Tallassee

While the city council procrastinates on the bill to allow Sunday liquor sales by Tallassee businesses, I wonder how much revenue The city is losing.

I pondered this while driving to Chantilly WalMart to buy a bottle of wine.

This Sunday evening we plan to go over to a friends house and plan to bring a bottle of wine, as we usually do, but I forgot to go to the local WalMart on Saturday to buy the wine. So we loaded up and headed to Montgomery.

We also planned to look into buying a small TV for our boat, from the local WalMart, next week, but since we are heading to Chantilly anyway, we will look for one there.

The reason for the trip was for a bottle of wine, but we ended up buying a TV, two bottles of wine, and other assorted impulse buys. We also topped off with gas while we were out and about.

We ended up spending around $200 while shopping for one bottle of wine.

This was $200 that would have been spent in Tallassee, but got spent in Montgomery instead. We are just one family, and just $200, but I wonder how many times this happens, especially during the summer months when families are passing through Tallassee on their way to the lake. As I wrote before, nobody misses drinking, not one beer, because of a blue law. Anyone who chooses to drink will either have the alcohol in advance, or will buy it someplace, even if its at a bootlegger. And as I wrote before, just because Sunday alcohol sales become legal in Tallassee, doesn’t obligate anyone to buy alcohol, on Sunday, or change the way they observe the Sabbath.